It's never too late to be what you might have been.

-George Elliot

What is coaching?
Coaching is ...

A partnership between you and your coach

A conversation with your coach that focuses on you, the client - your dreams, your challenges, your strategies for success

A great resource that gives you the tools and support you need to successfully create your ideal life

Coaching is for people who are ready to LOVE their life!

Who benefits from coaching?
People who ...

Are going through a transition somewhere in their life some examples are: a job or career change, marriage, divorce, becoming parents, moving, preparing to reenter or retire from the work force or recovering from a loss.

Want to create a transition in their life some examples are: finding balance between work and family life, becoming more peaceful and less stressed, gaining clarity about the next life step to take, starting a new career, being stuck and ready to move forward, becoming healthier physically, spiritually or emotionally.

In all of these areas and more, coaching can help you progress faster, more consistently and with greater ease.

How does it work?

For most packages we meet on the phone, once a week, three to four times a month. Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes. (The Horse Coaching Package is unique - see the Get Started page for more information.)

We get clear on details what do you want to accomplish? What challenges do you have? What is important to you? What brings you joy?

We set goals, create strategies, track results and celebrate successes together.

As your coach, I support you, encourage you and hold you accountable throughout the process.

Sound Interesting?