It is extraordinary how extraordinary the ordinary person is.

- George F Will

My coaching experience with Karen has been wonderful. She has helped me gain clarity and find solutions to the issues I've faced and enabled me to understand myself better. Karen is warm, compassionate and insightful. She's adept at helping me focus on what's important and the next steps I need to take. I always look forward to our sessions together and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Julie Grauel
Professional Coach
Zurich Switzerland


Karen Ahlquist has been an excellent coach and has really helped me look at the most challenging aspects of my career and life. Besides being a caring person and very attentive to details, she has helped me to look at patterns in my activity and thinking that have perhaps kept me from achieving certain goals, and she has a way of doing this without judgment or pressure. Through our sessions I have learned to better understand my financial challenges and how to address them, the old insecurities that sometimes keep me from taking concrete actions here and now, and the role that colleagues and friends play in my life which are not necessarily the voices I need to listen to in order to achieve my goals. Karen is smart, thoughtful and really amazing at helping me focus on the key issue or issues I face in my career. I have seen a difference in just a few months in how I approach making decisions and handling the often daunting challenges that come up,in my life, and much of this is due to the extremely rewarding sessions I've had with Karen Ahlquist.

Kevin Renick
St. Louis, MO, USA


I began my coaching sessions with Horse Power, Karen Ahlquist after the first of the year. To say I was struggling in my life was an understatement. I needed a fresh perspective and boost to get me back on my feet and headed in the right direction. Having never tried Life Coaching before, I was skeptical, but gave it a shot. I am ever grateful to Karen for what she has helped me accomplish in my life. I went from struggling to get out of the bed in the morning, to now looking forward to what the day has in store for me. Her insight and the weekly homework she provides is invaluable. To anyone contemplating whether they need a life coach in their life, I can say from experience that it is the best investment in yourself you can ever make.

Stephanie Brennan
Agricultural Statistician
Woodbine, MD, USA


I've had the pleasure of working with Karen as my coach over the past year. Her compassion, positive energy, and powerful insights are the reason I continue to work with her. She listens, cares, and has a confidence about her which creates a place of safety to explore feelings, goals, and "big wishes." Thank you Karen for sharing your purpose with me and all those who benefit from what you do!

Meg Daly
Professional Coach
Milwaukee, WI, USA