Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I am your ally in the exciting process of creating your ideal life.

Are you curious how it works?

Contact me to set up a sample session. The sample session is a telephone conversation that lasts for about 30 minutes. This conversation is a mini-coaching session. It’s confidential. It’s a fun way to learn more about coaching.

This sample session is FREE.


COACHING is………… CONVERSATION………. followed by………. ACTION!

At the end of your sample session, we will plan some action steps, or homework, for you to do.

I will ask you to finish your homework within the next week and to e-mail me your results when you are finished. When you do, I will invite you to become a coaching client. You may choose to accept it or not. It’s that easy. This gives both of us a chance to work together before you choose to become a coaching client.

Coaching Services and Rates

Coaching Services on the Phone


• Designed to help you build the momentum you need to move toward your goals.

• Get clear about your dreams and goals, identify and remove blocks, plan and execute strategies 

• Month to month commitment.  The length of the coaching relationship varies depending on your needs.  Some clients work with me for a couple of months on a specific issue. Major life/caree changes may involve 1-2 years of coaching.

• Coaching is done on the phone

• 3 coaching sessions per month – one session a week for 3 weeks each month.  Each session lasts for approximately 45 minutes

• Unlimited email support in between calls

• Includes one FREE 30 minute sample call before you enroll

Cost: $300.00 per month, due on the first day of the month



• Designed to inspire you and help you move forward in a positive direction

• 4 session coaching package – 1 session a week for 4 weeks

• Each session lasts approximately 45 mins.

• Each package has a theme, with a different topic each week that relates to the theme

• We explore where and how each topic applies to your life

• Coaching is done on the phone.

• Includes unlimited email support between calls

• Includes one FREE sample call before you enroll

Cost: $450.00 for the 4 week package, due on the first day of the month

Current Theme:  Ways to Increase Your Energy!


Coaching Services In Person

HorsePower Package:

• Coaching with a horse, done on-site at my ranch in Missouri, just west of St Louis

• Designed to help you quickly gain new perspectives and insights

• Unique fun coaching experience

• Excellent way to grow in many areas including developing clear communication skills, setting and maintaining personal boundaries, improving leadership skills, gaining confidence, examining expectations and increasing self awareness

• Includes interacting with the horse, discussions, journaling, and visioning exercises.  IMPORTANT:  all work done with the horse is done ON THE GROUND, there is NO riding involved.

• Prior experience with horses not required

• You are required to wear long pants, leather shoes or boots and a helmet for safety – this will be explained during your initial free call.

• Initial 30 minute session by telephone before enrolling in this package to discuss your topics and goals and give you more information.  This session is FREE.

• Package price includes 3 sessions – the main session with the horse followed by two phone sessions.  First, a two and a half hour session on-site at my ranch with you, me and the horse.  Then 2 follow-up sessions on the phone, one a week for two weeks, to coach you and support you as you integrate your new learning into your daily life.

Cost:  $950.00, paid one week in advance of the on-site session

Speaking Services

Are you or your group in need of a speaker?

I am available to come and speak to your group.

Currently available:

1. Tolerations and Transitions:  Tips for Creating your Ideal Life

2. Gallop to Greatness:  Life Lessons My Horses Teach Me

For more details or answers to questions about any program, please email me karen@horsepowercoach.com.  I will be happy to visit with you.